Welcome to the Jason Lee Elementary Library! 

At the Jason Lee Elementary Library, it is our goal to prepare future ready citizens by:

•fostering a love of reading and literature in a variety of formats, including print and digital mediums.
•empowering students to become critical seekers of information and ideas.
•providing students and families the opportunity to innovate and create through hands-on tinkering, playing, imagining, and creating.
•promoting the ethical use of information and technology.
•creating a positive, welcoming environment for the learning community.


2019-2020 Library Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:50 Planning 4th Triner 4th Smith 4th Silvia 4th Leyde
9:40 Passing Passing Passing Passing Passing
9:45 3rd Vance 3rd Manley 3rd Norrish Planning 3rd Kisler
10:35 5th Schuster 5th Batdorf 5th Neill 2nd Ramsey 2nd Whitish
11:25 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:15 2nd Akers 2nd Moe Planning 2nd Brown 1st Hughes
1:05 Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning
1:20 1st Frazier 1st Smedsrud 1st Lucas 1st Melberg K Schamber
2:10 Passing Passing Passing Passing Passing
2:15 K Fix K Watts K McAtee K Moore PLC



Kindergarten and First graders will be allowed to check out 1 book at a time. Second and third graders may check out 2 books, and grades 4 through 5 may check out 3 books.*

* Exceptions are made for class assignments and avid readers.

We encourage students to check out "just right" books; however,  students are allowed free choice when checking out.

  • Checkout begins the first week of school, with the exception of Kindergarten. 
  • Last check out is three weeks before the end of school.
  • Books are due weekly.
  • Books may be renewed.
  • Books lost or damaged must be paid for so they can be replaced.
  • If books are not returned by the last day of school, the student's report card will be held in the office until his/her account is clear